Saturday, October 09, 2004

What Is Proctophobia?

Last night, I had a chance to clean up the apartment, wash the clothes (overdue!) and cruising the tube from time to time. I learned that proctophobia means fear of anus. I checked the and it refers to rectophobia -- the fear of rectal diseases. Now I'm not sure what to think -- either way, you guys are proctophobes!

I know, I know. You guys heard about this -- Martha Stewart reported to the prison in Alderson, West Virginia. Last night, Donald Trump pulled a good quote of the day when The Insider correspondent asked him what does he thinks of Martha being in the prison?

"We got her in the prison and Osama bin Laden is still running free, you tell me if I feel much safer right now?"


It is travesty that old boys network viciously attacked Martha Stewart using the courts to crush a woman who was well-known for her tough demeanor in business circles. It is no secret that many men finds her to be deplorable person because she won't conform to the ideals of being a passive woman. It is true that she was tough, hard-nosed with a hunger drive for success. When she cracked the invisible window of that particular wall which these old boys created a long time ago, they were threatened by her. They sicced the laws on her and ultimately, humiliated her in the process.

It is travesty that we have Andrew Fastow, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, who used Enron to defraud billions of dollars for themselves, inflated the phony records and ripped lots of people's lives, still running around without being in jail. This happened 3 years ago, and whatever happened to the concept of speedy trial? Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings are still drinking wine and eating caviars as I am typing. I'm not sure about Andrew Fastow.

It is travesty that Dennis Kozlowski stole $600 million and lavished $2 million on his wife's birthday party in Italy went to the courts and got a mistrial. He is still walking free, probably dining on some porterhouse steak that costs around $200 somewhere in Midtown as I am on this subject.

Even with the fact that Dick Cheney's Halliburton ripping Pentagon of millions in cash, nothing is being done to punish the company for doing that. Ever notice something?

Did you notice the pattern? Hearing, Caucasian, Man -- it is obvious, is it? Of course, I put "hearing" in, just to antagonize the hearing peers out there. Let's be honest and be realistic, the idea of having a deaf person as the CEO of a major corporation is one big fuckin' scary to thousands of hearing persons, imagine the scenario -- Helen Keller as CEO. LOL. Yes, there are few millionaires who are Deaf, but honest, just look at John Yeh. He's a decent man with some monies but he's not exactly a millionaire to start with, really!

But I digress. Let's back to the "obvious part".

When it comes to indictments, women, disabled persons, persons of colors and ugly persons are swiftly prosecuted and crushed immediately. But when it comes to person who can hear, and is white and has a penis -- it takes many fucking years to fuckin' indict them, prosecute them and put them away in the brig!

Was that fair? Fuck, no. But Donald Trump has a point -- it's silly to put her in the jail while we cannot find Osama bin Laden, really. But there are corruptions everywhere in our so-called country -- be it a private business or public government -- which is why I always view it with wary.

You rock, Martha. You stink, Lay! You suck, Skilling! And you fuckin' suck, Dickie Cheney!


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