Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lambykins, Republicans Are Cowards

There are a pattern where Republicans always roared but sent the poor people to do the fights for them.

When they subjected themselves to the debate, they whined and demanded the rules to ensure that they will not be embarrassed by any means or even pinpointed by others who trampled their arguments.

When Bush had the inauguration parade, he said that the protesters had the right to protest. But behind the scene, he schemed with the city and secret services to block the protesters from protesting at the parade.

When Republicans decided to have a national convention in New York, the groups wanted to criticize by protesting at Madison Square Garden and at Central Park's The Mall, the Republicans schemed with Mike Bloomberg to keep the protesters away from the sight of Republicans.

And I just read Mike McConnell's blog and I wanted to respond to some of his flawed comments, he blocked us except for his "group".

A sign of common cowardice at its best. Hiding behind your wealth, computer monitor and secret services may be the best weapon you ever had in your lifetime.

A fuckin' coward.


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