Friday, October 22, 2004

What A Thursday!

I arrived in The District's Chinatown section at 9:20 PM. Thank God for these little pagers, be it sidekick, blackberry et al -- they practically helped me and Deafies tremendously in communicating to work out the last-minute changes.

Off to Green Lantern with Manny, Joey and Mike -- it was good to be back. Saw some familiar guys -- don't they ever leave the town? Darn, I hadn't seen the fool, Rob. I'd LOVE to 005 him. Oh, well. I get to see many old friends and familiar faces. Toby, Masa, Lee, Mark, Vic, Richard and many more. I was bit stunned when I came to the counter -- the bartender still knew my drink after a year of absence at Green Lantern! Some old things never change.

Buck bolted in the bar and saw me, he rolled his eyes and said, "My god! Ricky Never Dies!" That was funny line. Thanks, Buck.

After we took advantage of free drinks at Green Lantern, I was bit buzzed -- I was talking to Manny, I think. Then during the 'talk', my hand knocked the Bud Lite bottle off the table. It was smashed completely. Ahh, time to flee the bar -- the group emigrated to Apex where I used an old college ID to get in for free. So typical of a cheapskate, is it?

I ran into Kiki, he looked fabulous. I ran into some people that I knew but do not know their names. There were about 80 to 100 Deaf people running amok the bar/club.

After that, we dominated SoHo. I was famished -- then crashed at Merritt's palace. God, I am still famished. I'm heading down to Metro and ride the red line to the new station -- New York Avenue / Gallaudet Metro Station. That is something to see, is it?



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