Monday, October 18, 2004

Here Is The Proof That Hearing Aids Do Not Help

When I was a kid, the hearing aids were forced upon me. All I can hear is tons of screeches. If one screams, it screeched. If a door slammed, it screeched. I cannot decipher any sounds for words or what it is -- it just screeched, screeched, screeched and screeched all the time.

It drives me nuts. I was not the only one. Many Deaf people became aggressive in destroying their hearing aids. It may be perceived as an empowerment to destroy hearing aids, like women burning their bras in 1960s. I flushed mine down the toilet when I was 12. I have had enough of that so one day, I walked into the bathroom and flushed it away. BYE SKSK to that.

There was an incident at my old school where the mentally retarded, deaf boy in the cafeteria during the breakfast, some hearing staff were pestering him about something else -- he snapped. He ran to a girl and snatched her hearing aids out of her ears and ran to the bathroom. He also flushed it away. Even a mentally retarded person made a statement out of that.

Now with this pathetic article that was printed in NY POST today.

I guess, that was the survival of the fittest, eh?

And not only that ... flush the damned thing out.


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