Thursday, October 07, 2004

Sports Talk II

It was reported that an ex-NFL kicker Cole Ford, who graduated from Southern Cal and played for Oakland Raiders, was the culprit who fired the pellets at Siegfried & Roy's home in Las Vegas. It is possible that it is bias related but the Las Vegas Police Department ruled it out. C'mon, let's be serious for a minute -- never mind the cops' decision that it is not bias-related incident -- they always do that all the time. Anyway, this just proved that NFL needs to broaden its horizons in acceptance and reduce the homophobia comments in the locker rooms and on the playing field.

Wondered what the BoiFromTroy has to say about his favorite team that produced a nutty person like Cole Ford? Something to be proud of your Southern Cal roots, eh?

Last night at Equinox, Benis and I worked out. We snickered, giggled and muttered about things around us. We were on a treadmill and watched one guy staring at himself excessively by the mirror. He is so fucking in love wiht himself. So god-damned narcissistic! Anyway, we were watchintg the Twins-Yankees on television while exercising on a treadmill. Lots of guys cheered for Yankees.

Then we saw the tube commercial where a little boy of 4 or 5 years old playing tennis with an adult guy. That 4 or 5 years old boy was great. He was good, so good that it made me laugh. Then the adult barely beats the little boy only because the little boy was distracted when his parents' SUV arrived. The adult guy were worn out but pumped up that he beats this little boy. As the window rolled down in the SUV, you saw two familiar persons sitting. The father of the little boy shouted to the little boy that it's time to go home. It was Andre Agassi and his wife, Steffi Graf. That was a good commercial.

After that, I asked Benis a legitimate question. Is the NASCAR a sport? We are Southerners and we have the right to decide whether if it is a sport or not. Northerners & Westerners do not apply.

"No, it is not a sport. It is just an entertainment." Benis said. I see. I also do not think it is a sport. In fact, it does not require you to exercise, sweat and puff at all. In fact, it wasted the gas. Looking at the environment and preservation of our energies, the NASCAR events truly defied the logic of this -- it only did not defy, it mocked the need of conservation.

It is not a sport. It should be stopped, banned and be forgotten.

When we were done with the workouts at Equinox, Benis got paged by Richie Rich to meet him at XL Bar, just right before Faggot Feud. I groaned and told him that I'm too tired and worn out to go to a bar right after the workouts! Insistence always won, don't they? Off to XL Bar where we were greeted by LePore and Rich. They learned some signs. Like cute and sexy. Then Richie attempted to teach that to Amanda on stage. It was hysterical. The game between the hearing teams were very close -- it was in no manner with ours last week -- we just killed another team. Even Richie told me that it was more fun dealing with mine than the one last night. I saw a cute cowboy from Dallas whom I want to use the lasso to catch. Yeah, I got his email. That was cool. Wish me luck.

Oh, did I mention that I was about 2 feet away from the guy who won the first season of Survivior at XL Bar? Yeah, that Richard the naked fag whom I rooted against when I watched the program. Richard and Tina remained to be the only guys I really cannot stand the most. Boy, he is ugly and yet, he wore the fancy suit with a young, good-looking guy. Money does buy things in this community.


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