Monday, October 11, 2004

Stuff To Blah, Blah and Blah

Every Sunday night, I seem to set up a schedule to hang out in my living room! I thought the television programs on Sunday are the best of all week-long. I don't watch Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I'm frequently out on these days, though. I usually watch The Simpsons, Malcolm In The Middle, Arrested Development, Boston Legal and now, Jack & Bobby.

I love the mother of Jack & Bobby. When the mother fixed up a sandwich for a homeless dude, Jack asked his mother, "Great. When was the last time you made a sandwich for me?" His mother stared outside, waving at the homeless dude who just left -- she didn't flinch nor turn her head to Jack, "When was the last time you ate cat food?" That was a good punch line.

I surfed, and I was certainly impressed with his thoughts and his comments about Sam, his great-great uncle. It is evident that Sam could be gay. The classic symptons are there but none of us will ever know. Of course, I'm gonna add Sam to the hearies category.

Related to the blogs, I stumbled on my cousin's friend's blog, I find it heartening that there are some guys who are still infatuated with their loved ones even after they got married. I can find the affection in his words in regard to his wife -- and the best thing is that Mike is hot firefighter. Nice to know that there are still romantic guys out there, doing the hard labor and maintaining some kind of an erection for his babe.

Speaking of marriage, I forgot to mention that in Springfield, Massachusetts en route back to Manhattan from my vacation in New Hampshire, I purchased a local newspaper to keep myself entertained in a 4-door sedan car. I stumbled on the weddings section and was stunned to see a picture of two men together as a part of wedding announcement. That was so cool of the local papers to do that and guess what? The sky did not fall when they legalized the gay marriages in that state.

I watched the DVD flick called "His Secret Lover" last Sunday morning. The movie was made in Italy and it rattled me a lot. It talked about a widow who had to deal with the sudden death of her husband, only to find out that her husband had a 7-year long affair with another man. The death scene which the husband was struck by an automobile was absolutely horrifying. Something to VEE VEE. But the whole film is good, it left few questions unanswered -- but again, what do you expect from European films? They always left few questions unanswered. Hey, y'all Eurotrash, don't do that to us. I hated that!!

Some people asked me why I tend to have "9th" on my email addresses and AIM/YIM. It is because my family members seem to have some kind of attachments with nine. Many of my family members' birthdays are on 9th. Mom's birthday is on October 9th, my younger brother's July 9th, mine is November 9th (hint, hint). So you can see why I attached 9th on my email addresses and AIM/YIM. So you now know why.

Virginia Cavaliers football team jumped to No. 6 in the country after defeating Clemson, they will travel to Tallahassee to deal with No. 7 Free Shoes University. I'm very worried. I rather to be ranked less than FSU, to give us the edge to beat them somehow.

Today is National Coming Out Today. Go and OUT someone else and cause a drama! It is much fun that way. I came out in December '94 -- when I returned home from Gallaudet, and my mother was not happy that I took a course called "History of Africa" under Dr. Joseph Kinner. She is pretty narrow-minded, ignorant woman when it comes to races and racism. She said, "Why study black people?" I said, "I"m not studying black people, I'm studying the history of Africa."

"But Africa is hotbed of blacks."

"No, not entirely true."

"But the television proved that already!"

I sighed. But that is Mom. We were arguing about it in Arby's Restaurant -- Roast Beef sandwiches, I love 'em -- then a hot redneck guy walked by me. I looked at him, he turned to look at me. Bingo, he has to be gay -- suddenly, Mom slammed her hand on the table.

"Why did you look at him? Who is he? Are you gay?"

"Yes, I'm gay. I think he's cute. I don't know who he is. I just got here from the Amtrak station, gimme a break!"

Mom flinched and said, "I knew it! I knew it! God will send you to Hell -- "

"Go ahead and send me to Hell, I don't think I want to deal with people who are against me."

"But you cannot tell Dad about it, he'll be angry. Pissed off. Blow up at you!"

"I will tell Dad, watch me."

An hour later, I told Dad. Dad was watching TV. He sighed and verbally talked to himself, "I knew it. A fruit."

After that, nothing happened. It's back to square one. One day, Mom would ask me if I have a boyfriend? One day, Mom would say that I'm going to Hell. One day, Mom said it's OK. Just like a roller coaster. But Dad, nothing ever happened out of this. He never asked me if I'll marry anyone else ever again. Thank God for that. There is nothing worse in the universe than having your parents asking you when will you marry. Such a guilt trip. By coming out, it's done deal. No more questions about marriages. Unless the government legalized the gay marriage.


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