Monday, October 11, 2004

$$ for Nanc!

Two years ago, Nanc and I had a long chat about everything else, really. One time, she nearly made me blow the coca-cola soda out of my nose when I heard this story.

It was during the Super Bowl party in Baltimore, Nanc participated in a contest that will give money to the winner who predicted the right score or very close score. In the second half, Nanc felt bad about her friend, I believe it was Sharon but I'm not sure, who cheered that she won the prize with few minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Suddenly, an interception occured during the game in the last minute -- and scored a touchdown. That means what? This girl just lost the contest. She was depressed and felt sick. Nanc felt bad and tried to console (Thanks, Amy!) with her.

About an hour after the game, she drove her SUV truck to her parents' house. She got paged by Barb to check the scores (hers and the actual score). During the drive, she attempted to read the actual score with her predicted score -- but she cannot because her light in the jeep was broken. She had no choice but to wait until the intersection where there are stop lights. When Nanc found a red light on the intersection light, she quickly hopped out of her SUV truck and ran into front of her truck to use the headlights to read the actual score and the predicted score.

She won. Nanc blinked and read it again. Nanc won some hundreds of dollars. She won.

She jumped and celebrated wildly by her truck on the intersection while people stared at her like she's crazy. Nanc rushed back to the house to collect the prized money.

Boy, is she crazy as usual?


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