Saturday, October 02, 2004

Greetings from Hanover, New Hampshire

I swear there are Mac computers EVERYWHERE in this town -- you can find it in every corner of every Dartmouth building, literally!

Dartmouth College is beautiful. Hanover is tiny, college town with no fast food restaurants in sight. Connecticut River is right there down the hill. I also learned that Hanover is on the Appalachian Trail, it mentioned that it is 534 miles away from Mt. Katahdin in Maine.

The students here at Dartmouth, especially men, are gorgeous. I think the administration screened the obese or fatty people out before getting in this school -- I swear I hadn't seen a fat guy here. I may be the only person here who has a gut sticking out. I need to go to the Equinox with Benis immediately when I get back to Manhattan.

Hanover Inn is owned by Dartmouth College, it has a tunnel to another building which contains the student union as well as the cafeteria. Plenty of eye candy for me to enjoy.

I have few minutes left to blog and tell what I am doing in this town -- like I said, the Mac computers are EVERYWHERE!

Webster Hall, one of several libraries on the campus, has a huge collection of rare books. When I entered the Webster Hall, I saw a book shelves that goes about 4 stories high -- and right outside of the book shelves has a glass encased around it -- like a fortress to preserve the rare books. It was a sight to behold.

Visiting an Ivy league school like Dartmouth College is humbling experience, I must admit. It puts Gallaudet to shame as well as RIT. LOL.

I had a great massage this morning at the "Advanced Bodywork Institute of Vermont". I got a million knots everywhere in my body. I must admit that this was the first time I got a massage that does not come with sex.

We went to Quechee Gorge this morning -- wow. It is a beautiful sight. Tonight, we will go to the Cocktail Party and ... who knows what happens next?



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