Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stuff To Ponder

Last night at The Equinox, I asked Benis a question, "Who is your favorite Disney character?"

Benis grinned, "Maleficent."

I smiled, "That is cool, mine is Ursula the Sea Witch."

We laughed and thought it was interesting that our favorite Disney character are villains. I always loved the way Ursula laughed, smiled and her arrogant reactions. When Ariel failed to get a kiss from the Prince before the sun sets down, she was reverted to a mermaid once again. Ursula screamed, "Yes!" Then she raised her hands in the sky as the thunders and lightning rumbled around her as she was transformed into a huge octopus body and quickly crawled to Ariel across the terrified gawkers. Once she grabbed Ariel like a rag doll, Ursula quickly turned her head to the Prince, "So long, lover boy!"

Then she just dived in the sea, took Ariel with her back in the sea. That was ruthless but I loved it. She rocks! What's yours?

Now on another subject, I was thinking about what Elisa said earlier about the prom thing. I personally do not like the idea of proms. If Elisa still cherished her silly moments with the proms, more power to her. But I personally think it is waste of my time, energy and bullshit to put up with fake looks from different persons.

Like Jake once said to me before that he observed one person standing few feet away. That person saw the other person standing few feet away, then quickly confided to his girlfriend that the "bastard" is here! His girlfriend saw him and goes, "ugh!" Then few minutes later, the "bastard" did the same thing to that person with his friend. About 10 minutes later, the bastard and that person stumbled on each other and said, "How are you? I did not see you here!" All that fakey boo hoos are silly.

When I was a junior in high school, I wanted to be with Todd, a hearing boyfriend of mine -- but it was "bad" to do that back then. I was pressured to take some broad to the prom -- it was very awkward and weird feeling. I had to do this because it is the "right" way, it is the American way (not entirely true!), it is memorable (My ass!) and all that bullshit. I stayed for an hour and half before slipping out to meet Todd in a car and went away for the weekend.

Suffice to say, my weekend with Todd was memorable than the ones I spent at the prom. The prom is always overated. It is silly high school thing. Certainly not a tradition to be proud of. Not for me, but if it does for you, yay. Should I do the cheerleading fer ya? Fuck, no!

Basically, what I am trying to say is that ... stop conform to the society's ideals because they said so. Just follow your heart and be happy, regardless of what one thinks about you. Maybe I should take Todd to the prom, but again that is irrelevant, though. The prom remained to be the most overated thing out of high school. My lovemaking with Todd wasn't overated, though.

Carter, Hilton, Rex, Culkin and Brunner? Such a drama!


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