Thursday, March 11, 2004

Todd Bertuzzi Is A Dickhead

In JSA #51, Mordru growled and jumped at Dr. Fate right after Dr. Fate called him a coward. Mordru grabbed Dr. Fate's neck and shouted, "Coward?! I fear nothing, and you are nothing!!" Sure enough, Mordru tried to strangle and absorb Dr. Fate. Nevertheless, Mordru failed to do so, according to the story but if it was up to me, I'd allow Mordru to crush Dr. Fate and conquer everything that the United States fought for.

I'd love to see Mordru kicking Todd Bertuzzi!

who is he? He is a professional hockey player from Vancouver Cancucks who pulled a sucker punch from behind on an opposing player. And tackled him to the ground -- broke his neck and bashed his face.

The next day, Todd brought his wife to the press conference and were reportedly to choke three times as he apologized for hurting Steve Moore. "I did not mean to do it," Todd sobbed. I was like, "Wait a sec, you pulled a sucker punch and tackle on this guy on a purpose to *hurt* him and you did not mean this?"

That was a major turn-off. He is only sorry because he lost his pay for the remainder of the season. It was clever of him to bring his wife to the press conference to "paint" himself as an average person. Oh, god.

somebody please kick that GW Bush in the ass? GW Bush complained that President Clinton was using White House for his "friends" to sleep over. Republicans reacted incessantly for weeks. Now Bush did it 270 times with different people and where are the Republicans? Hiding and acting like it's OK for the Republicans to have that but not the Democrats. GW Bush is one stupid fella. There is no way in Heavens or Hell that I will call him as the President of my country.

Beth is coming to Gotham City tomorrow evening -- then we will drag her throughout the island and by time she is done with the city, her vision of what the world should be will be shattered.

Web helped me out by highlighted my hairdo -- in few days, I will make sure to cut the hairdo to look like Dan Dickau, a hottie from Portland Trailblazers BUT too bad, he's a Christian. Not a good sign.

Ahh, The Simpsons is coming on -- I gotta watch it! It is a great "family values" that many Christians should emulate from. They are articulate, smart and funny. Now, the question is: What state is Springfield located in?!



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