Monday, March 01, 2004

Just An Ordinary Weekend

Chlms paged me last week that my actions transcended the meaning of shock value and my actions elevated myself separate from the term. Well, well, well ... truer words were never spoken, my dear!

Last Saturday night, I was IMmed by a straight guy who has a dilemma. His girlfriend pestered him to have a threesome (again), but this time it is 2-guys, 1-gal arrangement. He was scared, nervous and unsure. He wanted to experience to see if he could maintain an erection and enjoy the romp with a guy. And he discovered that I am in the area, it is to save time and bullshit. I was skeptical but he proved it to me nevertheless. He came over. He was such a charming fella with a nice wood. He was worried that he couldn't have an erection. But after 5 minutes of massage, he sported an angry boner that demands the full attention of mine.

It was fun. He said, "No kisses, no romantic stuff, just teach me." I complied but he abolished these rules as he pulled me to make out and grind him out. It was fun. Now he can do the threesome to fulfill his girlfirend's fantasies.

On Sunday night, I was off the track for two hours on the subway because a deranged man caused a series of explosions on the subway rails that paralyzed A, C, E, F, D and G trains (I use F, A, C often). That deranged man was caught as soon as he emerged out of these tunnels but I had to scramble to get another train to Manhattan to meet Mikey and Walter.

We met at SBNY, and had a boring time. So we decided to take advantage of open bar at The Park sponsored by Jon McGovern's infamous "Gay Pimp" stuff. Little did I know that Corey, my dah-lin' DJ at The Hole and The Cock is a friend of Jon. The Park is gorgeous place but I was sitting by a door that doesn't shut properly -- so when someone opens the door, it goes open and I'm freezing my ass off. Mikey and I had to close, close, close and close the fucking door. Then people come in and out and in and out and in and out. We decided to throw limes and ices at them if they did not close. At one point, Mikey threw the whole cup of mixed drink at someone but too bad, his aim is awful. ;-)

Later, I watched the Oscars and Jon was sitting not far from me and I cracked a line that the winners of Oscars should bang their trophies on whatmacallit in front of the audience to see if it's real trophy. Jon broke into laughter. Nice fella.

Boom! The door upstairs opened, Corey had to work. Of course, I get free drinks as always. Gotta love Corey. Guess who was next to me and chatted briefly with me, Mikey and Walter? His name is none other than Boy George.

Oh, lord. Hold yourselves! I also have to say something else ... he is not thin. He is ... what I'd say: BIG guy. He was nice but bit dorky.

Shortly, Mikey, Walter and I had an argument with one guy who made fun of Walter and I wrote him a note to scold him but he did not read the note -- instead he put the note into the candle and it ignited a small fire. Then Mikey, in one of his drunken behaviors, snatched this man's alcoholic drink and poured it on this small fire. It exploded into a huge one on the bar as we left the man to scramble and try to douse the fire.

The moral of the story is ... fuck with us, you pay for your sins.



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