Monday, March 29, 2004

I didn't know you had it in you, Clifford!

I did not know that you had it in you, Clifford. I will not use your last name as per to alleviate the bashing.

What were you thinking on that night? I cannot believe that a brother of mine -- a friend of mine -- would do that to me.

Maybe you are that stupid, nitwit or naive. Maybe you were not aware of what is going on. Maybe your dick was thinking for your brain instead.

I already mentioned last Thursday that two persons, Chris Tester and Emmanuel Shwan annoyed me to no end. They think they are better than anyone else because they look hot, dress better et al. That does not mean a thing, really.

I find it disgusting that a so-called friend of mine would make out with a fool like Chris Tester at Velvet Nation last Saturday night.

Where is the sense of loyalty and support amongst the camaraderie? Chris and Emmanuel were pretty arrogant towards me and I do not appreciate it. I expect my friends to be supportive and loyal to me -- I would have done the same for them.

I guess Clifford has proved it. He is only interested in himself and only for his *needs*, not anyone else's. Well, like I mentioned before, karma will come to people like that. Facial wasting is coming soon for certain persons. And when the day comes, I shall smile.

Well, surprises, surprises -- nothing surprised me any longer.

I'd love to hear your rebuttals on this, Clifford.


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