Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Walmart Sucks

Was reading Litch's comments about the competition at Walmart. I ceased to shop at Walmart primarily because I find them to be a threat to the whole concept of competition and labor rights.

Did you know that Walmart hires only part-time employers to avoid giving them the health and dental insurance?

Did you know that Walmart ruined the environment by building the massive building and parking lot on a land -- it was pointed out that the drains caused the erosions and damage to the environment?

Did you know that Walmart refused to set up a store *inside* the city limits to avoid paying the taxes? They prefer to set it outside of the city limits so that they have the freedom of zoning options.

Did you know that when Walmart crept in a town, it always said that it is bringing economy to the town while it is not ... it destroyed smaller stores that employed FULL-TIME EMPLOYERS WITH HEALTH AND DENTAL INSURANCES? Thus they forced these employers to migrate to Walmart to pick up the part-time positions and rely on our government's medicare and medicaid systems?

And last, yes, the prices at Walmart is incredibly low. It is one of their strategies -- their strategy is to lower the prices as much as can be to drive other competitions out. When the businesses are gone, Walmart will have the right to jack up the prices to their demands, whether if the customers like it or not.

So essentially, Walmart sucks.

For further information on Walmart, check Sprawl-Busters and Anti-Walmart.


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