Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Price of Fame

The reports out of the District continues to make me smile. I guess, the years of experiencing petty things has accumulated to a point where you became too wise for these craps.

Apparently, someone broke in a fraternity's chapter room at Gallaudet and vandalized the chapter room. Kappa Gamma is pretty much popular at Gallaudet despite the fact that it is not Deaf fraternity, which is odd, to say the least.

Yes, it is true that many of these gentlemen are nice but wields such ego that one has to deflate from day to day.

It did not surprise me at all that someone would ransack their chapter room just to demoralize their pride. I personally do not approve of the vandalism, but I also acknowledge that in order to be on the top and all that, one has to pay the price eventually.

I find it interesting that it was our fraternity who reported the vandalism to the authorities immediately after they saw the damages. Our fraternity is not high on anyone's list, obviously, but we are pretty much dignified people with weird backgrounds.

You know, Lil Joe mentioned that Manhattan would love to have Beth here. Because the city loves people who are very proud of their breasts. Beth already named her breasts. Pride and Joy.

How can you NOT smile at that?

I met a cute guy two nights ago -- actually two of them -- one is from Dublin, Ireland. One is from Toronto, Ontario. Brian is Irish, Paul is Canadian. Brian is cute but just visiting. So screw him. ;-)

As for Paul, he has the looks that I could die for. Very hard to describe but so easy to VEE at him. So easy to make me smile and say, "he's mine, no one can have him." We started to chat right after he saw my blackberry pager, I was reading Sarah's message at that time. He came over and said you got it? So do I.

He got in law school at NYU and is here in town to look for a place to live -- is he using me as an avenue? So far, he didn't talk about the apartments or even shacking. Last night, he paged me and said, "I already learned 5 languages, so learning one more language will not hurt." I shot back, "Only if your brain is big enough to learn one more." He said, "Oh, I'm sure it is like Spanish, right?"

That is so cute, so cute enough to make me roll my eyes. Ahh, men are difficult to understand and hearing men are the worst. Oh, yeah, two nights ago, Paul asked me if I could give him my email address. I declined and said why? He said, "So I can get in touch with you for ... maybe a dinner?" I teased back, "Why? Did you know that I eat hearing men for dessert?" He was bit surprised about it. And asked, "Do you hate hearing men?" I said no, I view them as a group that I cannot live with or without -- no hatred, just leery but in a humorous way. He grinned and got my email address anyway.



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