Sunday, March 28, 2004

Arrestingly beautiful?!

Sometimes Witch made me snicker when he tried to decorate his sentences with stuff like "arrestingly beautiful". It is so cute. Tea'd? That is a good hint. It is always nice to have words so that we can manipulate to our advantages, like it or not.

I refuse to go to a certain bar that has Underwear Nite on a particular day -- I'm so out of shape that people will look at me with disgust. I dont know what to do. Not only that, I'm so white that I probably will brighten the room in that dark, seedy, sleazy bar, thus ruining others' chances to have sex with each other.

Today, I cooked something. I was impressed with myself. I cooked pasta and mix it with tuna, blue cheese, cheddar cheese and some frozen veggies. It tasted wonderfully. Fantastic. I'm proud of myself. I am becoming a better fag, I guess.

I love collegiate women's basketball. But this year's NCAA Tournament is truly fucked up. Virginia Cavaliers, for the first time in 21 years, failed to get in the NCAA Tournament after suffering its first losing season in 26 years. You know, I love Coach Ryan at Virginia, but last year was the first time that I noticed that something was wrong. Something was amiss. So Coach Ryan was not listening to the fans, something was wrong. And this year, the team just collapsed, much to my amazement. Finished 13-16 for the season.

But look at the NCAA Tournament, few stranger things had transpired -- Tennessee, my personal nemesis, is playing every NCAA Tournament game *away* from Knoxville -- a first in 20 years!!!

The coach at UConn is definitely stupid prick -- he whined that his best player was not picked to be the First Team All-American *unanimously*. That particular player, Diana Taurasi, was chosen on 12-player First Team All-Americans but the coach was upset that it was not "unanimously" voted!!! There are over 300 college teams in Division I and you can multiply 15 players per team -- about 4,500 players. Only 12 players are chosen. And Geno Auriemma is upset that she was not voted unanimously? Oh, what a dumbfuck.

There is one fan who supported Connecticut and he always criticized anyone outside of UConn. He boasted that Stanford is not good as it is -- that its best player, Nicole Powell is not as good as Diana Taurasi. Well, Stanford is advancing to Elite Eight. They already had played three tough teams in Missouri, Oklahoma and Vanderbilt. Up next is either Tennessee or Baylor. If they win it all, I'll be more than happy to attack that fan on that mailing list.

And there is a dude from Phoenix named Barry whose passion is for Duke (which I disliked tremendously), I really liked him very much. I wish he's closer to me so that I can develop some kind of relationship with him -- but all we do online is arguing, making up, arguing, making up, arguing ... And yeah, he's hot dude but he has been working out too much, trying to be a bodybuilder for some contest -- I told him that he has to stay away from sharp things because his body would pop just like a balloon when it lands on a pin. He got annoyed when I said that.

I think I said enough for the day.



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