Monday, November 22, 2004

Where I Go, None Return

MO-TOWN RIOTERS: Honestly, what did you expect out of Detroit? Do you really think the fans would act as peacemakers during the Artest-fans fiasco? This is the same town that ranked in Top 5 as the dangerous city to live. If it happened in Denver or New York, I'll be shocked. But Detroit, I just smiled.

WHOSE SHIT IS IT FROM? Few years ago, Chlms told me about the tape which I did not want to view -- it was the pregnancy tape which one of her close friends gave a birth to a boy, I believe. Or maybe a hermaphrodite. But who cares! Chlms exclaimed that when the mother pushed for the baby to come out, she also inadvertently pushed the turds out as well. I'm like, "Really? Gross." She said it as if it was very interesting information. Now the question made me wonder ... will Chlms also push for a turd as well?

ANNOYING BLOGS: My pet peeve of any blog is that people needs to learn how to use the HTML to edit the pictures instead of blowing it up to a point where you have to hunt down the comments somewhere on the particular page. Clean it up, folks.

THE QUOTE: "Where we go, none return." is a quote that I saw in a comic book a long time ago, I thought it was cool quote. Then wrote it down on my chalkboard on my dorm door at Gallaudet when I was sophomore, which I often did when I see the quotes I liked. Someone saw it and got in touch with the Resident Advisor, Coordinator of Residence Education and last, a referral to the Mental Health Department in GUKCC. They thought I was suicidal. Go figure.

NOMINATE FOR ME? Will you guys take the time to nominate for me in 2004 Weblog Awards? Get in that section and nominate for me. Be nice if a person who is Deaf and blogged gets some kind of exposure.

NICK TROTTA SUX: Nick Trotta is the third incident that involved with physical struggle after Artest-Pistons fans and Clemson-South Carolina football players. All slaps, punches, pushes, kicks and whines are not necessary. It makes us look bad. Oops, will I get a visit from the Secret Service after I am done with criticizing President Bush's agent, Nick Trotta? Only time will tell.

GAMBLING IN RED STATES: So much for moral values, the gambling is considered to be a vice among the morals, and yet in red states, there are more casinos allowed and lax in their laws. Most X-ians fail to see the irony in this.

ALEXANDER THE GREAT: It made me smile when Colin Farrell arrived with his Irish buddies at the premiere of the film. He was holding hands with his Irish buddies and blew the "gay kisses" at photographers. God, Colin is hot. I want to fuck him so bad. This is just great. To have a straight guy doing this with a great degree of confidence in himself is plainly sexy, no question about that.

MONKEY POX: Last weekend (Nov. 12 - 14), I was bored. Horny, too. I decided to post something on I got several responses. Some of it was amusing, some of it was lame -- but one of them freaked me out. It came from someone else I knew who. I did not bother to respond back because I did not want to re-ignite the drama at all. It was just interesting to get his response.

YEAH, THAT BIG SHOCK: Last Friday night, Web paged me incessantly to get out of Townhouse Bar to go to Greenwich Village to meet my female friends (Why, God, do I have so many female friends and no boyfriend?) -- Perlis, Bianca, Web, Kaybee, -K and CMK were there. Along with the shocking appearance of an old friend, whom I thought remained out in the Wild West but apparently relocated back to the Blue State. Seeing her appearance in person was quite a shock for me to absorb -- it was an excellent surprise. Thanks!


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