Monday, November 29, 2004

Politics & Economics

The Bush Administration has no business of telling the Ukrainian government that they do not recognize their election. Practice what you preach. 4 years ago, when there were reports of voter irregularities in Florida, the United Nations asked to monitor the election, our government said "fuck off".

And now we meddle in someone's election? Ukrainans have the right to say "fuck off" to us if we meddle in their affairs.

Colin Powell, shut up and sit down!

We cannot preach others how to live if we cannot do the same to ourselves.

The economic reports are coming out that the Black Friday sales aren't great at all. Makes sense to me 'cuz I did not buy a thing as well.

I need to start shopping sooner than can be. I hate X-Mas. I hate the Holidays.

I friggin' absolutely HATE them.

I just read the article where there are cards that is being marketed as "Merry Chrismukkah" -- I thought it was nice. It reminded me of a jewish friend named Lester. He told me that he absolutely loved the idea of Christmas. He loved to decorate the whole she-bang thing all over the place, even if he practices Hannukah but that does not stop him from wrapping the presents under the Christmas tree for 25th.

I thought it was absolutely cool. To mix in the name of good spirits, whatever it is called from ... nice going, Lester. All people needs to follow Lester's positive attitude.


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