Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Missed Connection

Last night at Big Lug, it was packed. And they smell.

I talked with the bartender and jokingly asked him if it was a special event for body odors. He widened his eyes and nodded vigorously. He was baffled that lots of bigger men simply smells bad last night. At least, I reserve the right to wrinkle my nose in front of these smelly men.

Go and take an hour of bath! With soap! Or better yet, use PineSol! Ugh.

Last night before I went to the Big Lug, I was surfing the Missed Connection section in -- it was funny. I decided to post a comment to tell Manhattanites to assert themselves in meeting Deaf people. I'm sick of making the first move most of the times. It was bit corny message, to be honest with you, in comparison with thousands of wacky comments by others.

Then I got a response via the e-mail by the name of Mark. Straight. Called himself Hearie. Had a great conversation with him all nite long back and forth on my pager. He lives only three blocks away. He sounds fun and cool to befriend. Perhaps in a short time, I shall meet him in person and loiter.

And yeah, he can sign. Long story but the point is that he is funny to start with. That is a quality that I enjoy out of people -- making wiseass comments about everything else. Just like Beth.

Oh, yeah ... enjoy the picture --care to guess who the cute studmuffin is?


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