Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Once upon a time, I used to live in a house on K & 4 Streets NE. We had five roommates all over the place. It was huge and massive house to start with. One day, a roommate decided to bolt for Arizona and never returned. He left his bedframe, matress, television, plates, clothes, blankets, et al. He vanished and later, we got in touch with him, he said he does not want to retrieve it back any longer and that we can keep it if we want to.

Few months later, in Los Angeles, I was doing some internship over there and decided to attend to a coffeehouse frequented by Deaf patrons. One guy came to me and said, "I'm sorry to hear about your apartment back in DC," -- I was baffled. Turned out that this particular guy was told by my former roommate that the apartment went up in flames. And that we lost everything else. I smiled and said, "I still have his television and even better, his quilt."

Later, I approached the former roommate of mine and wondered why he said that, he firmly denied it and kept on laughing about it. My friend had a theory -- he was capitalizing on pity from others in order to get friends to purchase new things for him. Makes sense to me, though.

The former roommate of mine was none other than ... Kenton Twidt.

Let's push this by fast foward to today. Last night, I was reading the old issues of The Buff and Blue (affectionately known as the BnB) newsmagazine, a student-run publication at Gallaudet. The quality of journalistic standards in the BnB went downhill since the Golden Era of Terry Giansanti. I just completed reading the BnB No. 6, dated November 19, 2004, but not without a heavy glee.

Especially with the article, Check Your Checks: Student Kenton Twidt Takes You Through His Nightmare written by Alex Abenchuchan. You can see his picture and his comments at his Xanga. Yeah, he's cute. A standard boi by any means. Alex seems to fit in the classic type where a guy is pretty, he has to be dumb, gullible and naive. Apparently, in this case, it seemed to be like that. Oh, I should mention that Alex is the younger brother of that holier-than-thou but so silly Republican fella, Elisa Abenchuchan who clamored for liars like GW Bush. Go figure.

To write an article, it is important to hear both sides and do some research before making an article, that means what? I do not see any comments whether if Alex went to Metropolitan Police Department for further information of this bizarre case. Or even with the Bank of America since it concened the theft of nearly 1 million dollars. Not even with the Department of Public Safety to find out if it is true. None of this happened in the article. It is all about Kenton, his tribulations and his truth. I repeat, his own truth.

What happened in the article is that Kenton said his backpack which contained books, checkbooks, address book, disks were stolen. And in the process, he found out that someone cashed the checks in his name up to 800,000 dollars. And that the Police Department is "still" investigating the case since October 25.

This reeks of a typical lie on Kenton Twidt's part. You cannot cash the checks as much as 800K. The typical standards of any bank would suspect if someone cashed too many checks and too large amount of requests, they will freeze the account and get in touch with the owner of the account to find out what's going on. It is typical policy of nearly all banks. But in this fishy situation, Kenton claimed that the bank did not know. Rubbish. I used to be the member of Bank of America, they have the standard policy to prevent the incidents like that.

Sorry but no cigar. Kenton was probably up for another trick to collect the jars of pity from others in order to get new stuff. He probably did not lose that backpack. In fact, my friend paged me that he saw him wearing the backpack few weeks later. At that time, I did not understand what he meant by that but apparently, my friend had to say something to someone else, he chose someone else in New York instead of someone else in the District. Go figure.

Alex wrote this sentence: Let this true story be an eye-opener for you.

The truth is that nothing of this ever happened. Did you, Alex, check the sources? Verify whether if Kenton was telling the truth? If someone's account was abused as much as $800,000, it is certainly a story to follow up.

Again, the truth is, Alex, you probably fell for one of his lies. Such a gullible fellow. But again, you are just a freshman at Gallaudet -- next time, verify by checking the sources out first before writing an article like this. The article you just did is another garbage done by poor research and judgement. What a nice contribution to the BnB, though.


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