Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who Is He?

As you may wonder who this guy is on your right side which overlapped on the blue strip. He is my favorite character of any fiction tales -- Mordru. Mordru is an omnipotent being bent on to rule the universe. He is abrasive, rude, funny, condescending, handsome and at times, frightening. He is not afraid to say something in anyone's face. His weakness is that he is claustrophobic, bury him alive -- his mind shuts down. Like I said, he is an omnipotent being and had to live in a human body in order to gain the advantages to rule the universe -- but to occupy a body is rather distasteful for him because it has the limits.

I erased the comments out of that picture and inserted my own words: "Who Dares?" -- it is a way to greet anyone else who wandered on my domain. Only time will tell if I like you or not.

Sorry for not blogging lately, I had been so busy this week. I met Peter at Nowhere Bar during the Big Lug. I get to know him more than ever. He's very nice fellow. Oh, well.

Jeff, you're permanently banned from my blogsite until you finally grow the sense of compassion for others. Amy, since you used your husband's computer, you are unfortunately wiped out as well. I have no qualms against you both, just that I am appalled with your thoughts and attitudes.

I guess Iowans will have their own fireworks to celebrate the rejection of Kurz.

Ahh, time to run to the bar and drink one Cape Cod before I hit the sack.

I need that.

Oh, I got an email from a straight dude who wants to experiment with me but he is very shy and embarassed because his dick is tiny. I told him that I'll make him feel that he's the greatest one in the whole friggin' world. I know I can make him feel he's well hung.

Elisa, it has nothing to do with your beliefs in God -- it has something to do with how your people contributed to the struggles by having "it is not about me, so I'm having my hands off. Tough luck!" attitude. One day, your world will crash. And I could stand next to you and say, "As long as it does not concern me, my hands are tied. SYL!" It was appalling that the Republicans smeared Democrats using the gay marriage scare tactics and I do not see you standing up as a Christian to dispel, discourage or tell people to stop that. You just turned the cheek around -- and from there, your beliefs in God means nothing to me.

Guys, guys .. time to get a drink. I'm not angry. It is pointless to be angry, I will just smirk and strike back with lame, insulting and disgusting comments from time to time ... just to share my thoughts.

Get used to it, my friends.


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