Monday, December 13, 2004

Only 219 Days To Go!

Time goes fast.

The last time I attended Rainbow Association of the Deaf Conference was in Summer, 2001 in Seattle, Washington. I enjoyed my time immensely, I VEE VEE at everyone else all day long.

I still remembered Philip Wolfe stripping naked in front of some Japanese tourists in a hotel pool because he did not have the time to go to his hotel room to change the clothes before going to the Mr. & Ms International Deaf Leather contest, I screamed at Philip that he's freaking the tourists out as they stared at him. Philip turned to look at the tourists and he then shook his body which caused his penis to flip-flop in front of stunned tourists -- Philip gave the true definition of the word.

I still remembered Koko stealing the show at Miss RAD Pageant where his wig blocked the spotlight that was supposed to focus on the stage. Lots of camera flashes were probably taken on Koko more than that cheap slut Miss Finisha, the winner of Ms. RAD '01. I still remembered Miss Ivana Dix's reaction when she was chosen as 2nd-runner up, not as Miss RAD. I still remembered that pretty guy (who killed himself few years ago) who stared in disbelief at Miss Finisha when Bill Terrell announced the first runner-up before Miss RAD, thus spoiled the surprise.

What's worse, I cringed in horror when Miss Finisha wailed and jumped with joy, while Bill stood in front of audience, saying: "We shall find out who will win Miss RAD '01!" I'm like, "You dumbfuck, you just already announced the 2nd runner-up and 1st runner-up and there is only one contestant left -- hello!"

Then to make things wrose, Bill Terrell said, "I can't wait to find out who will win the Miss RAD!" By then, Miss Finisha was already exhausted with her celebrations. It was all ruined.

I still remembered the scene where Miss Ivana Dix knocked down the coffee mugs that was built as a pyramid with her butt (she claimed it was her purse), she did not realize that she caused it to tumble down as someone screamed to get her attention -- when she turned to see what's going on. Everyone said, "YOU did it!" She's like, "And?" She then walked away. Needless to say, we left the mess for hotel attendants to clean up.

Little tidbits that happened during the week in Seattle was priceless.

Of course, I was disappointed that I could not make it to Orlando two years ago because at that time, I moved to New York. But this time, this coming summer, July 19-23 -- I'm off to Washington, DC for the 2005 RAD Conference just to cause some drama all week long. Hear See me roar! I might explore a way to blog each day to report what's happening at RAD Conference.

RAD, be afraid for I shall return!

*evil laughter*


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