Wednesday, December 08, 2004


There are things in life you simply do not allow your parents to know. I happen to think that my blog is an outlet of my thoughts.

When I first set up the blog, it was for friends to read and be amused. But in a short time, I realized that there will be a time that the loved ones and enemies will find their way to my domain. Including my parents.

Today, I had a talk with my parents on the SVRS, it was nice. Blah, blah. Then Mom said, "Mary told me that you write something on the Internet, what's up with that?"

I smiled and said, "Yeah."

Mom asked, "I want to see it. What is the URL?"

"Mom, you'll piss have a heart attack if you read my blog because it is so filth, full of humors about everything else."

"Really? You talk about your gay sex?"


My eyes darted to Dad who rolled his eyes and sighed.

Mom then said, "Are you going to embarass me out there? I should castrate your damned penis!"

"Mom, you already embarassed yourself a long time ago. So why do you worry? It is my life. I can give you the URL but you have to respect what I wrote so far."

Mom smiled and said, "You crazy dumb ass."

Sure, whatever.

Here is the photograph of Hrandma. The hearing grandmother on my father's side.


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