Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dale Patterson, Guess What? Hate Crime Exists!

Deaf Gay Man Beaten, Body Dumped in Trash Bin


The Deaf Queer Resource Center was distressed to learn of the murder of openly Deaf Gay Daniel "Dano" Fetty of Waverly, Ohio. Fetty, who was 39 years old, was found severely beaten and naked in a trash bin on October 2. He died about 12 hours later at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Three men have been accused with his murder. They are Martin E. Baxter, 28, and Matthew W. Ferman, 22, and James V. Trent, 19. All are hearing.

Investigators believe that the murder was a hate crime.

Unlike the murder of Matthew Sheppard, Fetty's murder has drawn very little media attention. In most media accounts, Fetty has been described simply as a "gay homeless man". Does the fact that he was homeless make him any less important???

According to friends of Fetty, he had been living in his car due to an apartment fire that left him homeless. He had been saving for a new place at the time of his murder.

Additional news coverage and articles will be available at the Deaf Queer Resource Center's website at:

It didn't surprise me at all, my friends.


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