Monday, December 06, 2004

Resistance Is Futile

We are The Blog. You will be assimilated into the collective of Blog. Resistance is futile. As you may know, the blog is already the most used word of the year, according to some dictionary.

I just completed reading The Washington Post of our heroic Pat Tillman (*gagging*), his final words were:

"Cease Fire! Friendlies!"

Sounds pitiful way to die? You bet it is. To me, a hero means to save someone's life. I hate to say something like this -- FDNY and NYPD ran to the flaming towers because it was part of their job. And yeah, they died. But does that makes them hero? I question that. But again, that is my opinion.

For fun stuff, I just completed two quizzes. Which high school stereotype am I? It said that I'm normal, in other words -- boring and too plain. Which American City do I fit in? It says that I belong to San Francisco.

Last night, I chatted with Alex A-bench-u-chan. That is the first time I spelled it right without checking it repeatedly. I can confirm that Alex is not stupid. He may be bit gullible (Hell, when I was a freshman, I was bit naive and gullible) -- so gullible will dissipate out in a short time. But one thing that remained on the list -- he's still cute. That is undeniable, though. He was fun to chat with. Thanks, buddy.

Oh, yeah, last Saturday night, I saw a lady turning her right ankle on six-inch heels -- she was wearing a skirt and apparently on the way to a bar, maybe? She tumbled on the sidewalk. Good thing, her tight skirt did not rip -- I had to suppress the laughter and offered to help her out. She declined.

Then this morning, I turned my right ankle in front of some cheap-assed Asian and tumbled on the sidewalk en route to the office as a car darted by the road. It was pretty humiliating and painful. My right ankle always has been an Achilles heel for me after I twisted it in a high school basketball game. High school basketball game? Yes, a fag like me played on the team.

So I ended up getting back up here. Some Asian gibberish probably was spoken in trying to help me out but I shrugged 'em off. Just like the lady did to me. And that Asian probably suppressed a laughter as well. At least, I provided a good show. Bet you a dollar or two that if Rayni was there, she'd howl with heavy fits of laughter.

C'est la vie.


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