Monday, December 27, 2004

*Munching Popcorn*

Each day, we have to hear the deaths of US soldiers in various manners in Iraq. Our beloved Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld mentioned that this happened is to pull all terrorists to come in Iraq and make it a playground.

Yeah, if you think killing the soldiers are better than the citizens, then fine with me.

I feel like a spectator sitting in a coliseum and eating the popcorn as people were sent to Iraq to get slaughtered.

More and more US soldiers are looking for ways to avoid the duty. One guy in Philadelphia shot himself to prevent himself from going to Iraq.

The Governor of Oregon told a dead son's mother that "her son is a hero." She shot back, "I don't want my dead son. I want my son here! My son is already hero before he was sent there!"

Later, the same mother got a phone call from someone within the Bush Administration who told her that she was invited by Bush for some event, she declined. That particular someone said, "Are you declining the opportunity to be in the same room with the President?"

The mother admitted that she was offended by the arrogance of people associated with the Busn Administration and hurled insults at the person and hung up on 'someone'.

It is amusing to sit back and watch our own soldiers marching into the Valley of Death, knowing that they could end up being killed because they are "serving" the country. They are not serving the United States of America. They are serving the Bush Administration and its cronies.

Deal with it.


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