Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Make Me Understand This

My dear dirty conservatives, filthy Christians and wacky Republicans -- can you do the noble duty to serve your country by educating me about something?

We had to liberate Iraq because Saddam was evil, bad and sadistic man, right? He was torturing people from the left to the right, right? It is extremely important to liberate the country -- or you mean, to enslave the country for our benefits, right? More of latter, right?

If we are doing a noble duty, why is that the FBI complaining for the last 3 years that the Bush Administration issued an executive order (Which the FBI claimed, which the Bush Administration denied) to permit the military to interrogate the "terrorists" in Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan, that the military interrogators are overstepping its line? The FBI repeatedly complained to their superiors that what they saw in the military violated the American and international laws!

Many people claimed to be compassionate conservatives and decent Christians -- but to turn your cheeks when it comes to torture others -- betrayed your beliefs. Conservative Christians encouraged our retarded military officers to squash the cigarettes in a detainee's ears. Why?

When I heard that Bush approved the military to interrogate the detainees, I cringed in horror. Why? Because I used to live near an army base when I grew up in Virginia. Lots of folks in the Armed Forces are not educated -- in fact, they are borderline retards and sadists to start with. Good example? Look at WILD4SURFING. These people loved to kill people, torture people, high school dropouts in 9th grade or less and always claimed that God is on their side all the time. That they are right, always right and that everyone else is wrong!

They think that people should NOT torture us, but we HAVE the right to torture them in the name of "freedom".


What baffled me the most is that people started to defend "freedom" from the "terrorists" -- that the "terrorism" is so new -- it is NOT new. It has been there for a long time, except that it's much closer to home. We like to demonize "them" with bad names, but when THEY feel it is their "freedom" they are fighting for.

These stuff at times made me snicker. Today, 24 soldiers are dead. More cheap caskets are coming home. More letters to be signed by Rumsfeld's signature machine (he claimed that he won't do it, but let's be realistic, he hasn't throw the machine out ... as of yet -- I do not trust anyone else in the Bush Administration) and sent to the wailing families that their sons/daughters are now a thing of past.

But don't worry, for God is on your side! In 50 years, there will be a new monument somewhere in The Mall in Washington, DC to honor the courage of our soldiers who were blown to smithereens, much to our delight.

After reading an article where the FBI complained about the torture techniques which the Bush Administration approved and denied -- rest assured, more soldiers will be dead, like it or not.

And I'm lucky to be Deaf, I cannot enlist or be drafted -- I can only snicker.


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