Sunday, December 05, 2004 Sucks

I nominate myself and some of my friends told me they nominated my blogsite in I was hoping that some deaf bloggers get to do that. Apparently, I saw few.

And they selected the nominated ones out of hundreds and guess what? No deaf blog.

Nothing is new, right?

And they wonder why Deaf people tend to set up our own organizations, athletic teams, social events away from 'em? It is because they excluded us from day one. Patronize us as if we are just "cats" or "dogs" or even a side dish that can wait until everyone is done, then pay attention to us.

I must admit that I was hoping for a deaf blog to be, at least, nominated. But again, my guts warned me that it is always a *fat* chance. My guts was right. But at least, this gave me an idea. We should set up our own where we *forbit* a hearing person from participating in the contest. Of course, they do not know what "forbit" is all about! If they knew the inside jokes, they'll know what "forbit" is all about.

Yeah, that's it. I'll figure out a plan and perhaps, pull some coins to purchase a website where I can organize and start the labor of love and do it for ourselves. Many of us deserved the pats for making an effort to share our thoughts on everything else -- but too bad, the one over at is not open or inclusive to deaf bloggers.

Shame on 'em. Like always, we screw 'em and build our own for ourselves.


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