Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rudy Guliani has Post-Traumatic Disorder Syndrome?

Ever since the 9/11 tragedy, the former mayor of New York City, Rudy Guliani seemed to be obsessed with the 9/11 tragedy. I hadn't seen him talking about anything without mentioning about "terrorism", "9/11 tragedy" and "that terrible day".

Get over with it, get a therapist and pop some Xanax pills, Rudy. You obviously needed it.

Actually, it is possible that he has what many therapists termed it as: Post-traumatic Disorder Syndrome or something. It is possible that Rudy is capitalizing on this 9/11 Mess in order to bid himself for 2008 Presidential Election. Only time will tell.

Rudy created a lot of controversies here in NYC during his tenure but it was wiped out when he was able to carry the city in its difficult hour. It is as if his antics are forgotten. Lately, Rudy does not want to touch the issues that he caused the city to groan at times -- so he only talked about 9/11 all the time.

But with the Bernie Kirk scandal coming out, Rudy's shots for 2008 Presidential campaign may be futile because it was reported that Rudy did not do the "criminal background check" on Kirk's past. Bad, bad, bad. I had to pay $150 at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School and Kirk did not pay?

It is amazing to mention that Bush selected Bernie Kirk to head the Homeland Security (or whatever it is!), considering the fact that Bernie is a high school dropout!

You guys have to look at this picture. So gay.

I got two emails from different people who gave me thumbs up for my potty mouth-filled blog.

One requested that their names not be mentioned, here it is:

I just wanted you to know that your blog is much, much more interesting than McCock's blog! Many of us are on your side.

No names, please, just sign me as

"A respectful reader".

Oh, why, thank you! Appreciated the emails.



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