Monday, December 06, 2004

No Bullying ... Except for Three

Ahh, bullying is normal. It is part of high school process, is it?

Well, here is the answer: A Big Fucking NO!

At Gallaudet, I remembered people bullying some people even in college. It was appalling. Good example: Jeff Kurz made fun of gays and ridiculed Warner of his unfortunate looks. When I saw it, I cringed. I always hoped that it did not happen to me.

Much later, Dorian Yanke bullied me at times. It took a while for me to stand up and finish him off. Some of my friends retaliated as well.

After reading the article, I was glad that some students went after the main bully and retaliated. Bullying has no place in the educational system.

Who is responsible of allowing the bullying to occur in the schools? Go back to 1950s & 1940s, the Nuclear Family concept. That is where it all started. My father told me that he was bullied but it made him stronger. But the scars on his soul can be read by anyone else. He was hurt by that. Who told him that he shall be stronger after enduring the bullying? His teachers.

Many teachers during the Nuclear Family Era -- tolerated the bullying to a point where the students themselves became the teachers and tolerated the whole cycle. But the problem is that the bullying itself became much worse, meaner, volatile to a point where it drove people to suicide. Again, back then, suicide were not something to be talked in 50s, 40s. I'm sure it was rampant but no newspaper talked about it.

Until the liberal-asskissers decided to radicalize the country with Love and civil rights, conservatives bellowed and battled. The liberal-asskissers prevailed, of course. Then the newspapers started to talk about bad things in the society where it comes to suicide.

If a person said that bullying is part of growing up process, I'll punch his face. Then tell him that that is what I am doing to him. I am bullying him right now because I wanted to. Same idea.

You just do not bully anyone else, not based on looks, behavior or sounds.

Except for Dorian Yanke, Jeff Kurz and Amy Kurz, of course.


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