Sunday, December 26, 2004

Few Funny Things About Mom

Last June, I chatted with Mom about the ordinary stuff in New York City that Mom and I never had witnessed in The South.

I said, "Mom, you know ... you can take your dirty clothes, towels or sheets to the local laundromat -- they will wash it for you, dry it for you, and fold it for you. Then they will pound it and charge you for the service."

Mom was surprised. She could not believe it and asked why? I retorted that we were too busy shooting people in New York so we had to throw the stuff at someone to clean it up for us.

Then I laughed. Mom was not amused. She rolled her eyes as well. Ahh.

One more thing about Mom, she wrote me an email today -- you know, English is not her first language but she tried, that s what it mattered the most -- anyway, it reads:

Happy Merry Christmas.

That is my Mom.


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