Monday, December 27, 2004

Rejoice! For The Wicked Is Dead!

It is time to celebrate! The Wicked is finally dead.

Reggie White, a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers is dead at 43 last Sunday afternoon.

When I learned about his untimely death, I smirked. It was the karma doing the good deeds. Reggie White was a vocal homophobe who contributed the homophobia in the NFL and in the African-American community as whole. His repeated comments regarding his feelings toward the Gay Community was very dangerous, especially with the growth of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community. To me, I think Reggie was very dangerous person because lots of African-American men practiced what we knew as "Down Low" which fanned the spread of HIV. What is Down Low? They are men who discreetly have sex with other men while in sexual relationships with women. Often, these men do not consider themselves gay or bisexual, it is another form of hiding -- akin to the closeted term but, the DL was coined after the researchers noticed the # of HIV were pretty high in straight African American women. They pinpointed it to the DL phenomenon.

When Reggie preached in his community about gay people being deviants, he made many men do the DL than ever. It equals to the spread of HIV. Is it his fault? Of course it is. He could show the compassionate but no, he fiercely attacked the gays repeatedly and did not apologize until the media (which the dirty conservatives bashed for being too liberal) criticized Reggie of his aggressive attacks on the Gay Community.

Please be serious -- 65 players with 32 teams = more than 2,000 players. And not even *one* active player is gay? Of course, they are hiding in the closet. Why? Because of people like Reggie White who made the locker room very hostile and inhospitable for gay men.

When I was a teenager, I did not get horny in the locker room. I was totally terrified of being ridiculed, humiliated and all that. I often went to the shower and do it very, very, very fast and zoom out of the shower room while everyone else stays in for 30 to 45 minutes. Why? Because I did not want to arouse an suspicion. Looking back, it is silly, though. But it's how bad it was for me as a high school student.

I knew of an acquaintenance who claimed he buttfucked a former quarterback of San Francisco 49ers. I knew of someone who was in a relationship with a guard from Chicago Bears. I heard the rumors about Troy Aikman, to name few.

It's full of crap.

So good riddance that the Wicked is dead.


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