Thursday, December 09, 2004

Few Tidbits

MURVIN RETURNS: Mikey paged me today that he's back in town. I was jolted by the message. Tonight, we shall meet to loiter and catch up with the news. He said he's in town 'til 14th. That means ... partyin' time!

RIDOR IS MOVING ... AGAIN: Yes, you got it right. I got a nice place to live on 152nd Street and Broadway, between Washington Heights and Harlem. Few blocks away, I can see the massive Yankee Stadium right across the East River in The Bronx. Such a spectacular view. Perlis is going to be my roommate along with Lenny. Which is very nice because I will be able to see my friends nearby on the West Side from 55 Street to 179 Street all on one line of subway train. Now I will not have to switch to another line on several occasions just to see someone else. Only one. Very nice.

PETER & ME WILL SEE BEARCUB: Peter and I will take a timeout from hanging out at bars and see the film probably on Monday or Tuesday evening. Peter is cute. I heard a lot of positive things about the film so I'm looking forwarded to see Bear Cub. It should be fun, though.

VIRGINIA VS. OLD DOMINION: One of the nation's oldest intrastate rivals in women's collegiate basketball is Virginia-Old Dominion. Started a month after I was born in 1973, Old Dominion led the series 16-10, but since 1985, Virginia has won 7 out of 10 games. Tomorrow night, Virginia will play Old Dominion for 27th time in 31 years. Go Cavs!

VSDB TO BE CONSOLIDATED: The state, of course, ran by hearies decided that spending $70 million to renovate on my alma mater was too expensive than spending $230 million on renovating the State Capital in Richmond. So they voted and supported the plan to consolidate two schools for the deaf in Hampton and Staunton and relocate to a new campus somewhere in the state by 2007. Yes, the Republican-dominated state felt that Deaf students should mix with multi-handicapped students in one place. They feel that it is better to teach a deaf student in the same classroom with a student that has severe case of cerebal palsy or mental retardation. Says a lot about their logic. It is always weary just to educate and fight the ignorants that their idea of putting deaf students with multihandicapped students only pulled the Deaf students' potentials down. It is utterly tragic that a school in Staunton since 1839 will be abandoned and forgotten, just because the state feels it would save the money.

HEDOR IS ONE OF 'EM: According to the Staunton News Leader, they compiled a list of Area's Top All-Time Girls' Scorers. Someone nominated my sister on the list along with well-known players like Kelly Hoover, Marsha Houff, Heather Claytor, Erin Wall, Vicki Harris, Andrea Woodson, Holly Rilinger, Lisa Diefenthaler, Heidi Diefenthaler, Angela Gorsica, and Stephanie Wine. My sister played on VSDB team and one time, she scored 27 points in a game. And one time, with 2 seconds left, Maryland School f/t Deaf inbounded the ball only to be stolen by my sister who took one dribble and shot the ball towards the basket. Swish to win the game at the buzzer.

WHERE IS GREG: Back in high school days, I had a close friend named Greg Thompson. He is somewhere lost in Columbia, South Carolina. One time, we were in an automobile accident which another deaf student were blamed for speeding. As much as we tried to plead him to slow down, he refused. And suddenly, another car came in the horizons ... let's say, there it is. The heap of two cars lying apart on the road. So much drama ensued. Greg and I was transported to the hospital along with the deaf driver. As much as I was dealing with the painful injury, I was laughing so hard because Greg was incensed at the deaf driver. He 0-0-5ed at the deaf driver with everything. "You dumbfuck! I told you to fucking slow! You dumbfuck!" The EMTs tried to calm Greg down but Greg was having none of it as he held his bandage on his head which was bleeding but at the same time, Greg bellowed at the deaf driver, hurled so many insults. I was bruised and shaken but snickered all the way to the hospital as Greg bashed and bashed and bashed on the deaf driver ... I wonder whatever happened to him as of today?


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