Friday, December 10, 2004


Last night, I picked up the keys to The Palace of 152nd Street and Broadway. I walked down the street in light rain -- I always complained that rainy in New York is very messy. I was busy typing on my blackberry with a friend of mine, suddenly ... one deaf African-American woman tapped on my left arm to tell me that she likes my blackberry pager. I smiled and thanked her for her compliments.

"Do you have 75 cents?"

That was her second comment. I ignored her and walked away into the subway station. I hate people like that, trying to use a compliment in order to get one's attention to solicit. So wrong.

I forgot to mention that I went to The Phoenix to confront Troy, the manager about Jim the Bartender. Suffice to say, Troy apologized profusely about Jim's behavior and will have a serious talk with Jim. If Jim does it again, I'll be sure to call the Consumers Affairs to shut down the business. Jim, don't ever fuck with me!

Last night at MONSTERS, Mikey mentioned that he's not visiting, he's moving back to Manhattan. Apparently, he gave up on Los Angeles. Mikey bellowed, "That town has no culture, motherfucker! All you can see is Mexicans everywhere else! It is so fucking boring! I prefer Manhattan!"

One guy told Mikey's friend that he thought someone was cute. Mikey flinched. That someone was me. I was bit taken back by what he said and grinned before Mikey slapped my back and said, "SAY SOMETHING!"

"Thanks," That is all I can say at that moment and thought of. But who cares about that?

Ahh, time to enjoy some choppin' moment. Enjoy!


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