Friday, December 03, 2004

As Usual, Conservatives = Homophobic.

The movie, Alexander The Great, came out. Killing hundreds of thousands, enslaving millions of people, conquered nations ... nobody complained. But when Alexander made out with a man, conservatives complained.

I saw this excerpt in a local paper:

And a farmer in Bulgaria is suing the breeder who sold him a prize-winning pig because he claims the swine was gay.

According to online news source, Galen Dobrev claims that all the farmers in his town of Shumen learned about the pig and then no one would buy it.

“It’s a disgrace,” Dobrev said. “All he was interested in was other male pigs.”

The farmer took pictures of the 220-pound swine attempting to have sex with other male pigs. When the pig was impossible to sell, Dobrev turned the animal into sausage.

Umm. Well, the farmer is idiot. Know why? He probably fed himself with the gay sausage. Go figure.


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