Sunday, December 05, 2004 and LePore's Birthday Bash

Amanda LePore will celebrate her birthday bash on Thursday at The Plaid. Ben wondered about how old she is. He asked. He found out and flinched. He told me and I flinched. I know that if I mention her age, Manny and Merritt will whack the poor monitor and say, "That girl is lying!"

She said she is going to be 22.

Yeah, right!

* * *

You know, I was boiling mad last Friday evening after the encounter with the hearie loser at The Phoenix. Then I wrote this on, urging the people to do something about it.

Let's hope that hearing people will be able to restore my faith in this society -- but my guts said ... fat chance.


Jim the Bartender at The Phoenix on E. 13 St btwn Ave A & 1st Avenue
Reply to:
Date: 2004-12-05, 11:30PM EST

Last June, my friend and I came to The Phoenix. Both of us are Deaf by birth, our parents, grandparents and before that are deaf -- guess what? We never bothered to learn how to use the voice to bark or utter a sound, OK? We use signs to communicate but when it is necessary to communicate with someone who cannot sign, we make sure to talk via paper & pen method. Not hard, right?

Not with Jim the Bartender at The Phoenix.

My friend asked for a pen and paper. Jim refused and said that he should try to use his voice. My friend refused because he, like me, is self-conscious with our voices. Jim insisted repeatedly until I told him that not all deaf people can use the voice. Jim got upset, became rude and abrasive to a point where we decided not to order a drink from him ... we switch to the other bartender -- Jim told the other bartender not to serve me and Mark. IN fact, they barred me and Mark from ordering anything!

I attempted to get in touch with the owner or manager of The Phoenix -- guess what? No bartender wants to help me to rat on Jim. They were protecting him.

This happened last June. Well, last Friday, when I got off from work, I needed a break so I went to The Phoenix -- keep in mind, I never saw Jim again since last June -- when I entered the bar, Jim saw me and gave me the rude, abrasive, degrading behavior that I was left speechless and left the premise.

When will someone else stand up and tell Jim the Bartender that he has NO right to do that to a Deaf person! Enough is enough.

Jim is the reason why many Deaf people are wary and cautious of hearing people. Hearing people, do something about it.

Go to that bar and lambast him for his behavior towards Deaf persons.

this is in or around East Villageit's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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