Monday, December 27, 2004

Swept Away

There was an earthquake six miles deep in the Indian Ocean which measured at 9.0 richter scale and sent the massive tsunamis towards South Asia, Southeast Asia, northwest Australia and East Africa, killing more than 20,000 people, thousands swept by the sea, millions displaced with no homes.

It was my fault. I got off from the subway train and felt the floor rumbling. I thought it was the train rolling away. But I probably caused it.

My apologies. Really, I read that lots of famed beaches in Thailand were destroyed. I'm glad about that. I heard that the pedophiles often flew to Thailand because of its laid-back attitudes on prostitution with small girls and boys. I hope the pedophiles were awashed into the sea, never to be seen again.

Again, I hate the beaches. Tsunami is not funny thing to deal with. When I went to Rehoboth Beach to waste a day at the beach with gays, I often stared at the ocean, I always knew that the ocean is there to remind us that they are in control of this world. If they don't like it, they can just swept us away and be done with us.

Hell, the scientists said that the western slopes of the Atlantic Ridge just off the coast of Europe is due for a massive rock slide that could trigger a huge tsunami that can reach New York City within few hours. And it shall happen within 100 years. It mentioned that it can overwhelm the eastern coast of North America.

If it does happen, it'll be interesting to observe the rags of Appalachian hillbillies take over the riches of Manhattan while the Manhattanites takes the rags in economic terms when it happened -- the property values in the mountains shall skyrocket while the beachfronts plummeted to nothing.

And I live in Manhattan. Go figure.


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