Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's Over! It's Over!

It is over. No more dealing with schizophrenic fella in that apartment. It was such a long day yesterday as Sarah pitched in to help with me to move my stuff to a new place. By the end of day, I swear that I was going to end up like Christopher Reeve with my back split in half. Sleeping in my apartment the first night was somber and painful, considering the fact that I could feel my back throbbing all night long.

But at least, no more dealings with that schizophrenic gal.

Since my move is truly finished, I can focus on unpacking everything else ... in time for Carrie's arrival on Saturday the 18th. Yep, the same gal who often said OXOXOXOX in all of her responses on my comments forum and many others, will arrive on Saturday with me and Kaybee alternately hosting her around the city.

Carrie, be prepared to undergo the transformation of your lifetime! Here is an advice, Carrie, please don't be too "friendly" with panhandlers or beggars. They'll eat you up for a breakfast (or dinner, depending on the day).

I'm going to take few days off from work in order to haul Carrie around the island. Taking her to 5th Avenue to be overwhelmed, Times Square (overrated but still), Central Park, downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge and of course, that place which I do not like to go -- Ground Zero. Of course, many bars for her to VEE VEE such as The Cock and XL, to name few. Perhaps ... The Hole just to freak her out.

So many possibilities to overwhelm her senses.

Don't worry, kaybee and I will make sure that you'll be focused on what you do in New York, Carrie.

Sarah was fun to hang out all day yesterday. We had tons of laughs. Her car has a new name ... it is Mia!

Thanks for the help, Sarah. None of this will ever happen without your willingness to help me out. For that, I appreciate and am grateful of your generosity!

Now I need someone to use the baseball bat to whack my lower back, anyone volunteer?


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