Saturday, December 11, 2004

One Smart Here, There Is Always Five More Fools

Please read "Sunnygt" from a particular forum who commented:

Well, well, well....what can I say? That's stoopid. Oh for cryin' out loud! Why would anyone demand such a thing? This guy and others like him better shape up because the world as he pointed out is the hearing world and believe me they ain't gonna just drop everything and learn ASL. Get with the program or the program will get you! Psst....somebody oughta tell him that if he is polite to hearing and show them a few signs they might take a shine and be interested.

Don't be so naive. When they shined and became interested, studied ASL and decided to charge you to interpret, please tell me that you are pleased with their progress. I rather to teach them wrong signs for words so that they can walk around like little fools. I personally think it is waste of my time to make an effort to reach out to hearies -- I was not born to educate or help them. If they are interested, go to the ASL classes. I have several hearing friends, but that is it. I don't want to be a dog like you, sunnygt, to pant and brownnose for their attention. If you want to pant for some attention, be my guest.

I just learned that is a forum full of anti-ASL, anti-Deaf Culture and anti-Deaf Pride. Its forum was set up to counter another forum that deals with pro-ASL and pro-Deaf Culture. McCock is part of -- if they are anti-Deaf stuff, why bother to add "Deaf" on it -- just assimilate and be a hearie wannabe for all I care. Make us laugh, please.

Jason gave me the link to the most despicable and stereotypical article ever written by hearing person on Deaf people. Of course, there are always bad apples (Look at McCock and the Kurzs, for good example) in the barrel. But not all of us are like that. This lowlife bitch probably met wrong people and did not have a chance to meet sophisticated Deaf people. But again, not our loss, it is her loss.

Yes, the average Deaf students completed high school at 4th grade level in reading and writing. But again, look at the bright side, the average hearing students graduated high school at 12th grade level 5th grade level in reading and writing. One big fucking grade difference? What a fucking accomplishment!! My god, hearies are really THAT smart -- go and apply at Harvard for all I care.

Again, again and again, all persons (hearing or Deaf) has to earn my respect in order to be treated with courtesy and dignity. But history already proved again, again and again that hearing people always fucked it up in almost everything from the individual rights to education to employment. They have to do it a little more to prove themselves in the process if they wanted to be treated with respect and dignity. I do not condemn them but I am always cautious. Wary. Tough luck but that is my right to do so. I care less if you condemn me for doing this. Save yourself the effort from commenting on that subject -- nothing you will change my mind on that.

I am not going to brownose my way around them like a dog. If they wanted my opinion, I'll dish it out as it is. But do not expect me to brownose or pant like a dog. Because it will never happen. Never will.

My problem? No. Their problem. If you want to make it your problem, be my guest.

Another pet peeve of mine came from people who believed that being gay is a lifestyle choice. It is not a choice, you dumbfuck. If it was a choice, do you truly think I wanted to be gay, considering the risks that I have to endure the homophobic behavior perpetuated by idiotic, ignorant bigots?

But I came to accept to be like that, and I look at it as a blessing because it excluded me from being one of "them". Looking at "them" made me chuckle at times. I'm constantly amazed at their ignorance. Their persistence in believing that it is a choice is ... hilarious.

On light note:

Last night, I think I chatted with John Cusack or someone who looked like him at O.W. Bar in Midtown. He's nice fellow, though. We chatted on a wide range of subjects which was very nice. But he kept on steering back to the film subject repeatedly that made me suspect it could be John.

And don't you guys think this picture is cute? It makes me want to wipe the peanut butter off of his cheek, does it makes you want to? I know Alex is going to murder me.


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