Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Colin Farrell, Will You Be Mine?

Which one is Colin Farrell?

I told Mikey Murvin that if Colin Farrell was few feet away from me and was attempting to ask me a question, "Hey, can I ... "

I'd be already on the floor with my pants already off my legs and ready for him and say, "Yes, you can!!"

All of this could happen before he could complete his question, "... get a drink from you?"

Either way, chances are that I'd embarrass myself before the hunky, perfect god in Colin Farrell. Mikey snickered uncontrollably and said, "It'd be hilarious to see you on the floor like that! And I'd faint at the sight of you!"

Then I saw a guy who looks like Colin Farrell at a particular bar last Sunday evening. Since I saw a Colin Farrell lookalike-type, why don't I tease this guy out of fun? I wrote on a napkin, "Hi Colin Farrell, will you be mine?"

Slipped it to him. He picked it up and read it. He smiled so hard and jerked his head upwards and had a good ole laugh. He wrote back, "Thanks for making my day. I'm not Colin but he's hot!"

He then kissed me on my cheek. He laughed and walked out with his two friends. Cute, though.

Today, I read NY POST that Colin Farrell was in town the past few days with Lindsey Lohan. They were rummaging the area near where I went to the bar with Murvin. Perhaps that was Colin, perhaps not ... nobody will know. Oh, well.


Yes! Me!! He wants me so bad!!

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