Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Migrating To Down Under

One by one, several friends of mine are migrating to Melbourne, Australia starting next week for a month-long of parties, festivities and activities.

IN fact, the citizens of Melbourne will be swamped with thousands of Deaf people from all over the world in time to be part of 20th Deaflympics Summer Games starting on January 5 to 16. Suffice to say, I'm completely jealous of people going to Melbourne.

I will be denied of seeing Drew Welshe once again. A charming Aussie whom is straight but got the honor of being the first straight man ever to kiss me. Long story but Drew said, "I want to be your first heterosexual guy that you ever kissed." I laughed and he leaned onto me and smooched.

Such a sweet Aussie.

Here is my salute to Australians for hosting the 20th Deaflympics Summer Games. May the best Deaf athletes win! And party on! Overwhelm the hearing population in that town with lots of hands flying around! Have a blast time! Be humble when it comes to the competition, be proud of who and what you are, Show Australia that Deaf people are better than the rest of humanity.

Anyone who wishes to congratulate the Aussies and Deaf Athletes can do that in comment forum -- I'll copy and paste and send it to a sweet friend of mine, Donalda Ammons, the CISS Executive Secretary.

NOTE: Deaflympics is the world's second oldest international competition right after the Olympics. Who cares about Special Olympics or Paralympics?



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