Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Before I talk about The Day, just want to rant some stuff.

Remember Roy and Silo? The gay penguins in Brooklyn Aquarium which I really wanted to see and meet. Well, there is an interesting article about the gay penguins but it has nothing to do with Roy and Silo. You know, my dear dirty conservatives and wacky Republicans, God is sending the message that being gay is very normal. If you guys truly believe in signs, this is it.

I withdraw my comments about Arnie Schwarzenegger. I mentioned that he may be sensible Republican after it was reported that he hoped that his party will stray away from the Right and stop picking on gays. The German papers reported that the translation was incorrect and that he never said anything like that. Shoot. So I withdraw.

I have two roommates -- but I have my own bedroom (likewise with their bedrooms). I live with Perlis and Lenny. Some of you guys knew who Perlis is from the college days. She's doing well and is studying hard at Columbia. Very smart gal. Lenny is cool fella that I met few weeks ago and was very impressed with his laid-back attitude and sense of humor. He is hearing dude. When he decided to bring me on to be part of 3-bedroom apartment, he mentioned with an evil grin: "Now I can talk loud, hear the music loud and watch the TV loud -- this is so cool!"

Normally, I'm not exactly crazy about hearing persons. Especially with straight men. But Lenny and I discovered that we have something in common -- our love for ... SouthPark! That show rocks! Lenny is very smart fella as well. Went to Duke and spent some years in United Kingdom, I believe.

This afternoon, when I was blogging to wish the readers Merry Christmas while Carrie was taking a shower, Perlis and I was startled to hear (Yes, I can hear a little but this one really boomed enough for me to feel it!) Lenny shouting something so funny.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

I thought it was a nice gesture. Apparently, Perlis said he did it throughout the day.

Carrie and I went to Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, West Village and Chelsea. We had many lengthy conversations about a lot of things. I hope she enjoyed her stay immensely.

That was my Christmas -- travelling around Manhattan. Apparently, lots of people did that today. Lots of stores were open. Lots of restaurants (from fast food to luxury) were open. Of course, gay bars were open.

Why of course? I told Carrie that many gay folks were rejected by their families so their families are more likely to be at bars, unfortunately.

When I got to my apartment, I was also startled by Lenny's shout: Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Such a life in this apartment. I think I'll enjoy this for a while. Surdus remarked that I looked very relaxed and happier in this place than the one I used to live in East Village. Nice, nice.

I may be talkative but I am also a heavy observant. Carrie truly looked empowered. Wonderful. When I first met her, she was pretty, petite girl with glasses that could make her look like a geek. But extremely smart woman. She was the one who I told her that it's OK to hear a little and speak well and calls herself Deaf. She was bit apprehensive about going home for the holidays in '96 or so because her parents didn't make her home accessible such as the captions and TTY. I told her to sic on her parents and make a threat. She did.

Today, she doesn't need the glasses, and she is gorgeous woman with a sense of pride and I can see that she is a warrior. Hell, she told a guy to sign "I am ugly" at XL Bar today after he annoyed me with his behavior. She has the guts. I hope I made a good influence on her but sometimes, I cringed and covered my eyes when she lambasted a guy for staring at us too much in the subway. So funny.

It was such a long day but I enjoyed her presence. Thanks for coming to the town, Carrie to spend the Christmas with me. I truly appreciated it very much.



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