Wednesday, December 29, 2004

VIP Lounge?

First impressions are important. The Bush Administration and the US Government are being perceived by foreigners and Americans as insensitive.

There was an American who said that she was unable to find the American booth where many countries set up the booths in the airport. She looked around for 3 hours and found the Americans in the VIP Lounge. Her hotel was destroyed, her passport was obviously swept into the sea. The Americans insisted that she produce a passport and pay for the pictures -- in the hour of need. These Americans need to be fired, immediately.

Bush was in Crawford on a vacation, doing nothing but jerking off while many leaders across the world addressed the Indian Ocean epic disaster. Even Bill Clinton made few words on BBC, the Bush Administration officials were quick to criticize Bill.

Stop criticizing Bill Clinton, he is free to say whatever he wants -- but for you, as the representative of this country, DO SOMETHING.

Hundreds of Americans are missing. The Bush Administration downplayed that it is matter of them not getting in touch with the proper authorities -- is this the most idiotic response? The American already mentioned that she looked for three hours to find the American consulate who berated her to pay for the passport, despite the fact that many people might lose ATM cards, important documentations in the disaster.

Bush seemed to be flabbergasted with the fact that people are looking at him to say something. He decided to speak publicly from his ranch. A symbol of his arrogance (My home is clean and pretty, unlike yours!). Anyway, he will address the media right after the meeting with the National Security Council. He probably will accuse al-Qaeda of causing an earthquake and killed more than 80,000 people (still counting the deaths).

The whole point is that Bush acted too late, too slow and too little ... don't wait.

We cannot afford to wait and assess or people whose lives are devastated will resent us and their anger on us for lackadaisal efforts can aid the Al-Qaeda in the long run. If we did make a haste effort to reach the people who needed the aid, they will have a faith in the American dream. But we were too slow, and now they are doubting us of our sincerity and concerns.

We failed at making a good impression. We are darned good at saying "Oh, I'm sorry and I hope you'll be OK." but we really suck in reaching out and do something.

Perhaps, when a tsunami struck the United States -- these countries reserve the right to turn their backs on us.


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