Friday, December 10, 2004

Abstinence Do Not Work

This just takes the cake.

I was checking my sitemeter and was annoyed that this fucker, mcconnell, has been talking to others about my entries at times on a forum reserved for "Republicans and conservatives".

Freedom is only good when each person respects others' liberties. But no, they cry "freedom" and trample people's rights to protect THEIR rights and interests. People who cried "freedom" made me guffaw so hard.

Abstinence do not work for millions of people. It does not. The logic is that one can abstain and wank off in the bathroom, it can be done. But will it happen *all* the time? No. People, especially teenagers, eventually will find a way to fuck.

But this mcconnell wrote the most retarded commentary of his lifetime. I look forward to read more of his retarded comments in the future because it makes me laugh so hard.

Here is what he wrote:

Abstinence does work for everyone. Period. What doesn't work is for them not to adhere to it. And for those practicing with multiple partners are simply begging for it. Pure and simple.

Nobody going to die abstaining. Doing otherwise is risking your life and comfort.

Reckless lifestyles do not deserve my sympathy. If they knew the risk and they get it, they get it. They die just like the rest of them. Don't like it? Tough. C'est la vie.
That is the whole point -- mcconnell feels that if one did not abstain, they deserved to be infected. I think abstinence does not work. It is better to provide an accurate information on how to protect yourself from getting the sexually transmitted infections. Obviously, mcconnell does not care about that. He rathers for them to be infected if they did not abstain. I don't care if they abstain or not, I rather for them to use protections at all costs. That is the difference between me and mcconnell.

Maybe mcconnell is one of these dudes who never had a chance to hump when he was in high school and finally opened his pants before some woman who wandered into his life. That poor woman who married him might find that he has less than an inch of penis. Maybe that is why he resented people who had sex before marriage, and that they had better tools to use.

Either way, his penis size is his own. Not mine, but I certainly hope that he'll see the light at the end of tunnel when his three daughters are sexually active and disregard the concept of abstinence.

I'm sick of people like that who thinks abstinence do works. Ugh.


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