Sunday, December 19, 2004

Carrie Arrives, Snow Deploys and Who Cares About Malls?

Carrie waited for me more than an hour. It was such a long ride from Uptown to JFK Airport by subway and AirTrain. AirTrain is ridiculously expensive but nice ride. I was apprehensive to use JFK because of its spotty transportation and distance. But with AirTrain running every 13 minutes, I'm set to visit Phoenix to abuse Chlms.


Carrie looks good as ever. No more glasses. Longer hair.

Meanwhile, it is snowing as of now. The first snow of the wintry season. Yay. Perlis is tickled pink and hopped around. Just wait until Perlis started to walk around in the next few days, she'll condemn snow because it is very messy, especially at the corners of the intersections. I'll hear her complaining that she stepped in a deep puddle which will flood all of her shoe. Ew. :-)

And I just read that bimbo Kurz's entry about malls. Who cares about it? Who cares about what store one has in her hometown? IN New York, we have everything to a point where we do not have to mention it. We are that advanced, honey.

As for sex shops, it was reported in the papers that there were a huge increase numbers of sex shops in red states, mainly in rural areas. Says a lot, hon. And guess what? Florida is red state.

Go figure.


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