Friday, December 31, 2004

From Philadelphia With Love

It appeared that Philadelphia's Deaf Gay Community has plenty of drama in the last few weeks and it has been, I was told, accelerating to a point that when one screams, 'FIRE!' -- Hell shall break loose.

I suspect that it will happen during the New Year's Eve at a private party in Norristown. My friend snickered and said, "You know, we'll enjoy the drama tonight because I already issued invitations and received the confirmation from different people that hated each other -- they'll be here tonight."

My eyes widened, "Holy shit -- pass me the bag of popcorn, will you?"

We laughed.

And Jason mentioned that there was an article in a magazine that tells the readers how to "smooth-talk with a deaf dude" -- I was intrigued. Then his partner interrupted, "The worst thing is that it mentioned one Deaf person from Philadelphia, Kev -- I know him from PSD. I always suspected he's gay but he always denied -- he's married to a woman and has 2 kids. Somehow, I confronted the couple that Kev was mentioned in this magazine -- all Hell broke loose as his wife accused me of trying to "out" Kev."

"But Kev was mentioned in the magazine before you talked to 'em?" I asked while he nodded. "Then the secret is out, this delusional woman needs to wake up."

His name is Kevin Steffy. Kevin, you are a loser for not being honest with your wife and continues to brainwash her. Tsk tsk.

Oh, the article is amusing, funny and interesting. It can be found in INSTINCT Magazine January 2005 titled "Signing Out" on page 54 (3 pages). In other words, I is the VEE VEE at the article!

One shameful thing is that they did not interview moi, the one and only MOTHERFUCKING DEAF GAY MILITANT TERRORIST, THE EMPRESS by any means!

Happy New Year! I'm gonna shower and dress up a little then be amused with the performance tonight. Oh, yeah -- Alcohol will be involved so it is bound that someone will lose control and start the temper tantrums.

But nothing to do with me at all! I'll laugh hysterically and be the peace meditator. Yeah, right.



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