Thursday, December 23, 2004

Sorry, Donna, Somebody Has To Do This!

Two days ago, Donna and I leisurely chatted about the presents that she is preparing for her three sons (2 young adults, 1 teenager). It was nice conversation. Until she mentioned that her sons wanted sweatpants and that she had to hunt for it.

I smiled, then grimaced ... and snickered.

"What's so funny?" Donna asked.

I chortled, "Do you know why they asked for the sweatpants? It is because of an easy access."

"What? What do you mean by easy access?"

"Easy to whip their cocks out and bam! Then pull their sweatpants up in a whim."

She looked at me with disbelief, I went ahead: "I am a man. I went to a deaf school. There are many guys wearing sweatpants ... I even asked one guy. One guy snapped that I should know better. It is as if there is an unspeakable rule between the men that the sweatpants are not only for workouts, it is because it is easy to have the accessibility."

Donna then sighed, "I'll never look at the sweatpants in the same light again. Oh, God."

Sorry, Donna, somebody has to do it. And guess I selected myself to do the job.

Now, buy the sweatpants for your boys, they are adults -- they'll do it anyway, like it or not.



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