Monday, December 20, 2004

We Are Everywhere!

Conservative Republicans are slamming the gay author C.A. Tripp for writing a book that discussed the evidence that clearly pointed out that the founder of GOP Party is a faggot. Yes, our beloved Abraham Lincoln likes to take it up his ass. Or between his thighs. Either way, conservative Republicans need to *shut* up and see the evidence. It is so obvious. Hello! He never had a child of his own. Only stepchildren. He always had a huge affection for a guy named Joshua Speed.

Accept that. He's a fag. Just like me.

Now, let's stroll over to Iraq where the US Soldier murdered a gay Iraqi teen after they had a consensual sex at a watchtower. The US Soldier is married and has a child but yet, buttfucked a gay Iraqi teen. When he cummed, he was distraught and decided to shoot the gay kid to death.

So much for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy which President Clinton was forced to have a compromise with Pentagon officials and conservative Republicans. Initially, when President Clinton assumed the office, he issued an executive order to stop Pentagon from discriminating gay men and women in the Armed Forces. It was the Republicans who wailed. Today, it was appalling that Gay Republicans accused President Clinton of setting up the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy without mentioning that it was their party who wailed in the first place.

ACLU is here to stay. ACLU has noble intentions to safeguard the people's rights even if it is not popular. It makes sure that the Constitution is for everyone else as well. This is why the conservatives, Republicans and Christians groaned. They wanted the open-end avenue to destroy not-so-popular people should it arise to present a problem onto 'em.

Rush Limbaugh, a staunch conservative Republican drug junkie, hated the ACLU so much that he would love to see it to be destroyed. But the ironic thing is that Rush sought the ACLU to defend his medical history when the government targeted him for his prescription addictions. The ACLU defended him, imagine that.

The ACLU Board just chose Anthony Romero to be the Executive Director. Now the conservative Republicans are plotting to use Romero's sexual orientation to bash the ACLU. Get a life, conservative Republicans -- now beat off.

Arnie Schwarzenegger may be a sensible Republican I ever seen in a long time -- he told the GOP to loosen up on gays -- stop picking on 'em. Smart guy. I'll concede to that.

Conservative Republicans remind me of a scene in a movie called Footloose. John Lithgow acted as Rev. Shaw Moore who banned the dancing in a small town somewhere in the Midwest. Rev. Shaw Moore lobbied to pass the law to ban the dance in a small town right after his daughter was killed in an automobile accident right after leaving the dance club.

Suffice to say, there was a struggle between the pro-dance folks and anti-dance folks. During the town hall meeting, Rev. Shaw Moore talked about the positive effects of banning dance then he saw his son-in-law applauding in loud agreement. At *that* moment, Rev. Shaw Moore flinched, was turned off by that notion of his son-in-law's behavior. That's how I feel about many people out there.

It was rumored that during the Republican convention, the demands for prostitutes were enormous that many people had to haul the prostitutes out of Jersey to accomodate the demands in Manhattan. Says a lot about conservatives, Christians and Republicans.

For the love of God, practice what you fuckin' preach. But you cannot.


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