Monday, December 13, 2004

New York, New York

The Slide Bar was abruptly closed two Thursdays ago for three days by the Department of Health. Thursday? It was the infamous Tigerbeat Underwear Party. The bar was busted for ... lewd conduct.

People should know by now that anything to do with Daniel Nardicio has to be lewd conduct at all times. The rumors has that The Slide will continue to operate as long as the Tigerbeat Underwear Party is disbanded, so the Tigerbeat Underwear Party will go underground ... to another bar, which I will not disclose for the time being.

I suspect that a big guy or unattractive guy was the culprit who called the Department of Health in retaliation. I mean, that particular party is notorious for vanity. It is all about looks -- you have to work out 2.5 hours everyday, 1.5 hours in shower area to play around everyday then go to the Tigerbeat Underwear Party to strip down to your underwear all night (put your monies in your socks or shoes), and show off your body then play in the dark area. Not my thing. I freak out at that stuff. I go from Ridor to Impotence when I go in the dark area.

Speaking of sex, I walked to Karma, an odd but heterosexual bar last night to meet a friend of mine. Before I entered the bar, I was handed a flyer by not-so-bad looking guy, I looked at the flyer and rolled my eyes.

TRIPLE XXX AT THE HOLE ON DEC. 17TH -- It Is The Season to Give, but Better to Receive.

I have had enough of that place. Too much for me.

Read the HX Magazine where one jewish comedian cracked that"Season Greetings" can be an indirect message to the Jews, "You Murdered Jesus!" Ouch.

Speaking of Christmas, I cannot stand seeing the butchered trees. Stop cutting the real trees and use the fake trees. December is a genocide month for pine trees, for god's sake! So many deforestations all over the world, why must we chop these trees?

Ty Pennington, at 40, is still hot.

I want to see "The Incredibles". There is captioned film on December 26. What? A day after X-Mas?! *groan* I hate the fact that many movie theaters tend to allocate the subtitled films to the not-so-popular days like Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. What about Friday or Saturday at 7 PM? God, hearing people has billions of choices at millions of movie theaters and all I want is one Friday night, not Monday afternoon!

This town is the utopia for dogs. Serious case. I saw the documentary on PBS or MNN recently where they explained that there are few cities in the world that brings dogs together. Most folks in smaller cities, suburban areas and rural areas tend to keep their dogs at their homes. Their dogs rarely saw another dog. But in this town, the dogs socialized with each other at dog runs, at parks, sidewalks et al. I must admit that it was always enjoyable to sit and observe the dogs playing at a dog run in Tompkins Square Park. You could see that the dogs are totally pumped up and really happy to socialize and play with different kinds of dogs. It is always amusing to see a beagle dog playing with rotweiler dog. Arf! Woof! But I cannot own a dog. I am allergic to it. The cats rulz, dogs droolz.

Speaking of cats rulz, dogs droolz -- I saw the advertisement on television about "The Fockers" -- the siamese cat baited a chihuahua dog in the bathroom. The siamese cat sat on the toilet seat, waiting for the chihuahua dog to make the first move. When the dog jumped towards the cat, the cat slithered onto the tank, allowing the dog to crash into the toilet. Suddenly, the Fockers members pleaded the siamese cat not to do it as the cat's paw touched the button -- to flush the dog down. And the cat touched the button. Mission accomplished. See? Cats rulz, dogs droolz.

One amusing quote by James at Nowhere Bar: You do not eat where you shit!

Very true.


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