Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Using Voice In Front of Deaf Peers

Remember the folks in the cafeteria at Gallaudet -- these losers that tend to sit in the corner among the weirdos and with hearing graduate students. mcconnell probably hangs over there all the time. Which is why he resented Gallaudet as of today. Which is why he resented Deaf students who lambasted or attacked hearing people (or hard of hearing students, for that matters to mcconnell) for using the cell phones in the cafeteria.

Let's be realistic -- the world is 99% hearing-dominated society. It is always offensive and discouraging when a hearing person picks up the cell phone and yakked in front of us, leaving us pretty much clueless. Whereas if we chat with each other, and they can read us because they knew ASL. But when they talk with the voice, they talked because they knew that we cannot hear nor lipread what they said. Is that rude?

Of course it is.

So it is my duty to make sure that the cell phones or using the voice in a "deaf-dominated places" are discouraged. Period. If you fling at me with that bird, you can bet there will be an uproar out of Deaf people.

For once, Gallaudet is ours. Not yours. It is Deaf place, not hearing's. We have to endure these offensive behaviors of hearies outside of Gallaudet campus, but at Gallaudet, let us have these rules in our own backyard.

No cell phones or using the voice -- use ASL at ALL TIMES.

It is common courtesy, like it or not. You want to bark with that disgusting mouth of yours -- go to the bathroom but not in front of us, dickwads.

On second thought, I have a question for some Gallaudetians, did you notice that people who sits in the corner of the cafeteria by the windows tends to be very bitter, pessimistic and/or resented at Gallaudet, even years after they left or graduated from Gallaudet.

For the record, I always sit in the center of the cafeteria -- which is the hub of drama.

By that, it is blessed life to be surrounded by weirdos on the south, reclusive hearies/hard of hearing students on the east, all fraternities/sororities/SBG/TC/BnB folks on the north, and the normal folks on the west. African Americans and wiggas on the southwest. Such a variety -- often I sat with my back on hearing people -- of course, I turn 'em back.

Except for Jim McCann. He was the exception.


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