Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Be Creative! Use Your Imagination!

What makes me cringe the most is seeing people reading other blogs then go back to their blogs and steal the subject and whine. It says a lot about their lack of imagination and creativity, really.

It is amusing to read some people who perceived me to be angry person. But the problem is that I am not even angry at all. I just rolled my eyes, flinched my facial expression, expressed my disgust but be angry at little stupid things that Amy Kurz would try to play around? Please. I don't need that. She has two strange kids that nobody wanted to tell it to her face that their kids are dofus bags.

Honestly, who would wear blue tie while wearing the brown suit? The pic is so ... unattractive, scary, prick, ghastly that tells the story of McCock -- a bitter man who feels that being Hard of Hearing is better than being Deaf.

These people amused me from time to time. But I do not appreciate for McCock to come to my blog and read and go back to his blog and whine about the issues I wrote -- if he has the guts, comment on it on my blog -- otherwise, make his own issues. Stop being a copycat. No wonder you do not have many readers these days.

Pitiful characters, they are. And yet, I won't be surprised that few people will wail and say that I'm bitter as well because I lashed out at them. Again, it is not true nor the case. The whole point is ... I'm annoyed at their lack of imagination and creativity.

All they do is whine. Cry. Pout. There is no balance of everything on McCock's Blog.

Three words: Get a life.


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